The BioGuard Difference

Being a Poolside Retailer

Biogurd Poolside Pool Tek

Pool Tek prouds itself on being a Bioguard Poolside retailer. When you walk into a Poolside store, it is like no other pool and spa shopping experience. Brightly lit, well laid out so you can easily move around, helpful signage and expert advice from industry professionals. These leading edge stores stock the widest range of premium BioGuard chemicals, boast the most innovative water analysis technology and offer the best service and advice. Poolside stores are the undisputed echelon of the industry, having been voted Best Pool and Spa Shop by industry associations since 2004.

Being a BioGuard Platinum Retailer

Pool Tek takes it one step further, is a an approved Bioguard Platinum retailer. This means they are Australia and New Zealand’s most extensively trained and educated pool and spa professionals. They are constantly attending intensive chemical and equipment training, presented by BioLab, to ensure they are completely up-to-date with the latest in pool and spa water care, management, service and advice. They are your local expert in preventing and solving all matter of pool and spa problems.

Bioguard Pool Tek Retailer
Bioguard Chemicals Pool Tek